Sunday, July 15, 2012

Word of Wisdom on Mormonism

The Latter Day Saint movement, including Mormonism, originated in the 1820s in western New York. Founded by Joseph Smith, Jr., the faith drew its first converts while Smith was dictating the text of the Book of Mormon. This book described itself as a chronicle of early indigenous peoples of the Americas, portraying them as believing Israelites, who had a belief in Christ many hundred years before his birth. Smith claimed he translated over 500 pages in about 60 days, and that it was an ancient record translated "by the gift and power of God. During production of this work in mid-1829, Smith, his close associate Oliver Cowdery, and other early followers began baptizing new converts into a Christian primitivist church, formally organized in 1830 as the Church of Christ. Smith was seen by his followers as a modern-day prophet.

 Mormonism classifies itself within Christianity, but as a distinct restored dispensation. According to Mormons, a Great Apostasy began in Christianity not long after the ascension of Jesus Christ,marked with the corruption of Christian doctrine by Greek and other philosophies, and followers dividing into different ideological groups.Additionally, Mormons claim the martyrdom of the Apostles led to a loss of Priesthood authority to administer the church and its ordinances.
Mormons believe that God re-established the early Christian church as found in the New Testament through Joseph Smith. In particular, Mormons believe that angels such as Peter, James, John, and John the Baptist appeared to Joseph Smith and others and bestowed various Priesthood authorities on them.] Mormons believe that their church is the "only true and living church" because of the divine authority restored through Smith, and that Smith and his successors are modern prophets who receive revelation from God to guide the church. They maintain that other religions have a portion of the truth and are guided by the Light of Christ. They can have the influence of the Holy Ghost to led them to the truths of the Gospel, but won't have the Gift of the Holy Ghost given to all orthodox LDS members See also: Restoration (Latter Day Saints).

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