Monday, September 10, 2012

Do Not Fooled

Recently an article was posted by the LIUNA on election report 2012. It is true that election have consequences .This fall's election is about differences, the differences between what President Obama has done and can still do for LIUNA member, and what Mitt Romney will do to destroy the jobs and economic security of all and their loved ones.

The article goes on to say, we must not forget that President Obama was handed the worst American economy since the Great Depression. The international banking system was hovering on the brink collapse, the American automobile industry was going bankrupt, middle class Americans were being thrown out of their home, and companies across the country were laying off workers left and right.

President Obama took bold action to put people back to work and get the economy back on track.
He passed the economic stimulus package that included $90 billion for roads, bridges, transit, clean water and building construction.
He rescinded the short sighted and damaging Bus ban on Federal Project Labor Agreement. He helped pass legislation ensuring that our financial institutions won't be able to wreck our economy again. He appointed worker-friendly officials to positions where they could help workers get a fair shake, instead of helping companies skirt labor and safety standards. Time and again, President Obama reached out to the Republicans in Congress to try to work with them on our common economic problems, and time and time agin they turned their backs on him and the country. They refused to work with President Obama and this kind of behavior should not be rewarded.  They wrecked the car and sat on their hands instead of fixing it and they do not deserve to get the keys back. If President Obama does not win in November, you ca be sure that unions in this country as well as our families will be going backward instead of foward.(Taken from Message from LIUNA GENERAL PRESIDENT Terry O'Sullivan Special Report.)