Saturday, December 28, 2013

Word of Wisdom/Witness by Proclaiming (Luke 2:30-35)

 The ultimate role of a witness is to proclaim what he or she has seen. A witness who sees but fails to speak up has fail to fulfill his function. Simeon gladly spoke out to everyone who would listen: the salvation for the Lord has come!

Luke 2:30 states, "for mine eyes have seen thy salvation" As a faithful witness, Simenon was eager to proclaim what he knew. With his own eyes he had seen the Lord's salvation. He had seen the child through whom deliverance would come. Indeed, his eyes had seen the glory of the coming of the Lord as stated in Isaiah 40:5; 52:10)!.

It must be admitted that Simeon had only seen a baby and there is nothing remarkable in the appearance of this infant. There is no halo over His head. But Simeon sees the baby Jesus through the eyes of faith. He believes what God had revealed through His Spirit. It is in this sense that Simeon can say he had seen the Lord's salvation.

Simeon knew that the arrival of Jesus would advance God's plan of salvation before the face of all people. The truth here is that God's salvation is not just for Israel; it is for everyone. So, as we celebrate the Birth of Jesus, we should also use this time to share the salvation message with our family and friends this Holiday season.

May the blessings of the Lord rest upon everyone and their families. Evangelist Annie R. Eskridge email: My website is in an overhaul state for now. A new one is coming very soon once the new project is completed.