Monday, June 22, 2015

Climbing Mountains Part 1

The Christian Women's Council is comprised of dynamic women who have lived full and eventul lives. Many are looking forward to completing their careers and concluding the raisisng of their families. But, at the conclusion of a full career when I seemed to face a sudden and unexpeted "end of the road" event, I was appointed CWC President of Emmanuel Church of God in Christ, learned that instead of a"dead-end", I had more mountains to climb. I steadily pursued a graduate education, earning two Master degrees, a Doctorate, writing a book, and maintaining my own website and blog!!. God knew my path even when I thought my way was lost...

The End was Just the Beginning!!!
The author of this blog is a former project manager and quality asssurance specialist for the Department of Defense, having served in these roles 27 years. At the age 52, she was foreced to leave her secular job due to health issues. The doctor told her, "you either make a lot of money and check out early, or call it quits." It hit me so hard--my nice office job with an outstanding salary was over. it all came to an end overnight!! Tears rose up in my eyes because I was faced with a life altering decision that only God would be able to help me.

I thank God for being trained by my parents at an early age, about the importance of prayer. I spent many hours praying, fasting, studying the Word of God and seeking for clear direction.  As a result, I was led to enroll in Cerritos Junior College and this is where the new journedy began. I stayed focuse on what  I was led to do without losing hope, although I was faced with many challenges. Being taught the Word of God and how to operate in faith, played an important place in my life and I went through every storm that came my way. In the end of the battles, God gave me the victory because one of my favorite Scriptures were Isaiah 54:17a, "no weapon formed against me shall prosper", and Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ which strengthenenth me." (PART 1. You may email me at Dr. Annie R. Eskridge, DMIN).

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