Thursday, July 27, 2017

Testimony-Annie Dennis Eskridge

From time I was born until the age of fourteen my speech was impaired. I lived in a world of darkness not being ablt to talk to anyone. There were times I wanted to speak but my stuttering was so bad until I would cry.  Many times mother would say, God please help this child to speak. My mother actually felt hurt because I could not speak clearly. she was the only one that understood what I was trying to say.

Evangelist Mahalia Washington shated in Victorious:My Life Experiences and Struggles, How I Overcame Them All. There were obstacles that she experienced over the years were hurtful. However they taught her how to stand still and depend on God to order her steps. This was similar to what I experienced at school. Children at school made fun of me, because I was unable to speak cleraly. Many wanted to copy my homework assignment because I was very bright in school. Most of the times I would stay to myself unless my sister, Katie was with me.

Our parents taught us how to pray at an early age. My mother and My sister told me not to worry that I would be able to talk one day, so I believed that. My English teacher in high school signed me up with the Girls Glee Club. I had to sing the musicial scale for months,then I was able to sing with Club at the first concert for the year. I was trained to sing second soprano. To God be the glory!

My family attended this program and they were very happy for me. This was the first day I spoke where Mama and Daddy understood me. My family began to cry because their prayers had been answered. Part 1 . The Second blog has the ending. Dr. Eskridge

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