Thursday, November 30, 2017

Word of Wisdom from DrE’sCorner
Praise God for another day and another year in my life. December 10, 2017 I will celebrate 73 years old. I give God all of the praises and adoration for all that He continues to do in my life. I thank Him for my husband although we don’t always agree, then for my children. I am thankful although each personality is completely different. Then, my grandchildren, they all think they are fully growned up doing their own thing. Wow, how time has flown, but I have one granddaughter, Alexandria is my baby because she is the youngest granddaughter. She is special, her gift and talent. She has always enjoyed singing and drawing. The others have their unique gift, but Alexandria is special.
Then my pride and joy my two great granddaughters, Isabell and Sarai. Both have their own personality but they are so precious. Their grandmothers are very touchy with their granddaughters. No one wants me to spoil their little princesses. Glory be to God for all of my offspring’s. I am truly grateful to say that I am your wife, grandmother and great-grandmother. All of the praises belongs to God. I pray for all of you daily. It’s my prayer that you will succeed at whatever you put your hands to do.
Today one item I will share from my heart. The Church will never clean up the streets until it is right. Too many are not teaching the Uncompromised Word of God. The Bible should be taught as it is written and not from a slant. The world doesn’t want any part of the Church for the way things are.

I know some refer to the Church as the Cash Church. I was asked why the younger generation why this is so. They ask for money all of the times and many are not concerned about people getting saved. The church has become like the moneychangers. Lord, please help us to put the Great Commission back into God’s house. For some reason, we have gotten off track. If the Bible is taught and there’s a change, people will start coming and getting saved. All of the church obligations will be met if we are teaching correctly from God’s Word. We need to stop repeating what is being said across the pulpit. My prayer is Lord saved the church before it get Lost. Just a Word of Wisdom from DrE. You may email your comments…

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