Friday, January 3, 2020

God's Unstoppable Plan

God’s story is very powerful. God spoke, and light and life exploded into a great creation. God prepared a perfect place for man and woman to live in the beginning. He provided every good thing that was needed for one another. But doubt was entered in, they did not trust God. Goodness turned into disbelief in His Word and disobedience to God’s command. Sin and death shattered God’s perfect world. This led to all human being born spiritually dead.

God had a perfect plan for His people before this took place. Nothing can stop God’s plan this is why it is called God’s unstoppable plan. God condemned the serpent that tempted the people to sin. God promised that a Savior would defeat His enemy and ours. Jesus dying on the Cross triumphed over Satan.

From this came renewal to all who believed in the Word of God. But sin had spreaded everywhere. Nothing could destroy or loosen sin’s grip on the human heart, not even a flood. Families grew, nations were formed, but the knowledge of the true and living God almost vanish.

God chose one man, Abram, without hesitation he left behind the comforts and idols of his home to follow God. Most of all God promised to bless the world. God was pointing to Jesus, His gift to the world. We must accept Jesus as the true and living God.

In the end the power of God was unstoppable and it had to be fulfilled. Be bless and Happy New Year.  Always remember Jesus in everything you say and do. Evangelist Dr. Annie R. Eskridge, DMin

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