Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Testament Giving

Just recent many were disturbed by a video posted on facebook. However, It's my prayer that this blog will help many. I have researched the New Testament on giving and this what I found. It's true that many churches teach that the members should tithes. Some leaders have even gone as far as to tell the people they are cursed for not paying tithes. Well let's see what the Word of God has to say about this issue. The most detailed passage on giving in the New Testament is found in Second Corinthians Chapter 8:9. You can read it for yourself.

The primary reason that Apostle Paul addressed this topic was that false teachers in Corinth questioned his motives for ministry. They suggested that Paul was pocketing contributions earmarked for the poor believers in Jerusalem. The Corinthians had not donated to the cause. Paul gave a beautiful sermon on why and how believers ought to give. All should give a contribution for the cause of Christ.

We should give willingly (8:12;9:2) and should be cheerful, not grudgingly or of necessity(9:7). It is a privilidge to share in the work of God. There is no specified percentage or amount listed in the New Testament. Apostle Paul simply exhorted each member of the Corinthian church to give as he purposes in his heart(9:7). Our gift should be generous. We all are familiar with the story of the poor widow in Luke 21:1-4, she gave her leftovers. Giving is important because the way we handle material wealth is a barometer of our spiritual health.(Matthew 6:19-21). In closing we should not give to get, but Paul makes it clear that giving will lead to abundance. A cheerful giver will experience God's love in a special way. They will enjoy the spiritual blessing. If you want to tithe, you can, but this is what Apostle Paul wrote to the church in the New Testament. Personally, I like to give every chance that I can.

Jesus is not going to put anyone before a firing squad for not paying tithes. So, just pray for that particular person. Jesus showed compassion to His Children. Annie Dennis Eskridge, author of Sin Email: Enjoy your blessings.

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