Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pigs in the Parlor-Ida Hammond

From time to time we look for a new book or we will reread one. Today it's about practical guide to deliverance. This is exactly what this book is all about I first read this book in the 80's and I decided to reread it. This book provides a straight forward explanation of demons and how they work. Believe me they do exist. I'm blessed that the book was first introduced to me by another intercessor.

It helped me to understand how demons works. I've been able to help others as well as myself to get delivered from the bondage of the adversary. Those who deny the kingdom of the adversay or it's existence lives in another world. The world that we live in have both evil and good. We all know that evil is a product of satan/adversary and the good comes from Our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ.

Have you ever had evil thoughts in your head? If so, did you wonder where it came from? They're not always from the outside but from within us. Author Hammond in her practical handbook "Pigs In The Parlor",it offers valuable guide to how demons enter, if deliverance is needed, how deliverance is accomplished for others and self and how to retain deliverance . Then, she provides a list of demons that are found and their mates. All findings are supported with scriptures.

Some are embarrassed to admit the need for deliverance. Others have walked in agreement with certain spirits for so long that they don't want to change. All Christians don't really want to live in purity. So, if we don't want any pigs in our church it's up to us to change the situation. You can come in as a pig, but if you want a change you will not remain as a pig. If each would care for themself, then this place would be a better place for all. Great eye-opener. If you haven't read this book, why not make a small investment in a life changing book. It should be a classic by now. It can be ordered at your local christian bookstore or online. Annie Dennis Eskridge, author of Sin Abides.

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