Saturday, January 21, 2012

Christian Living

This is something for you to think about and figure out where you are. Are you living a defeated life as a Christian or are you living as a victorious Christian? One thought to keep in mind and that is, if the message you hear does not point you to the Cross of Jesus Christ, you need to seek wisdom and move foward. Too many Christians are being taught away from the message of The Cross.

Defeated Christian Living
Focus: Works
Object of Faith: Performance
Power Source: Self
Results: Defeat due to the Message of the Cross is not mentioned.

Victorious Christian Living
Focus: Jesus Christ John 1:1, 14,29 Col 2:10-15.
Object of Faith: The Cross of Christ- 1 Cor 1;17, 18,22.
Power Source: The Holy Spirit
Result: Victory
Jesus Christ brings 1. The source of all blessings.
2. The Cross of Christ- is the means by which these blessings are given.
3. The Cross of Christ as the object of our faith- Ro 6:3-5, Col 2:14-15, Ephesiand 2:13-18.
4. The Holy Spirit is the Head of all of this- Romans 8:1,2,9-11.
If you are a Christian that attends a Church where the Cross is being taught, then help me to pray for others. There is nothing wrong with teaching faith or prosperity as long as it points the people to the Cross. God Bless each and everyone and thanks for reading this message.  If you have any questions please email me; Or check my website out and from time to time I will post information pertaining to the Message of the Cross.

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