Sunday, January 22, 2012

Does God Feel Your Pain?

Finding answers when life hurts is a plus for many of us. Pain has a way of bringing to surface some of the hardest questions of life.  And the only trustworthy source for answers in the Bible, which was written by God.  In this book, authors Wayne House and William Grover interweave compassion, honesty, and scriptural counsel as they explore these difficult issues and more:
- Why has God allowed evil in the world?
- Why does God permit pain in our lives?
- Is God in control of all things, or just some?
- Why aren't my prayers being answered?
- Is it really possible to know joy even in the worst pain?

The book is divided into three parts, the reality of human pain and how God relates to it, getting to know the God who feels our pain and dealing with pain in our Christian walk. Does God Feel Your Pain is an awesome book that is easy to read. It can be ordered from your local Christian bookstore or online. Keep in mind that pain distract, distorts, and causes depression. It can affect your life,your job and your relationships. A person who lives with high pain levels is not pleasant. When you hurt so much you cannot sleep, read, sit, stand, or walk without pain screaming at you, your are not fund to be around.


  1. I do get pain and I understand in this universe we need balance and we cannot have one w/out the other.

    In my world when pain presents it head I am calmed after I create a storm in knowing that peace is around the corner.

    I have often wondered if my ideology is the reason I don't blame God when "bad things happen to god people" or when things happen in my life. I wish I understood why.

  2. Yes, God know what we go through. Many times we experience pain, but we must confess God's Word over our situation. For almost a month I have been in terrible pain, but I'm still rebuking Satan. By Jesus' stripes I am healed and I refused to allow Satan any grounds.