Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Core Values

Core Values seems to be playing a great significant part in today's society.  We can not develop a Strategic Plan without first determining what it is that we value as individuals and as an organization.  Many fail to ask the question.  The question answer the ultimate question of why do we do what we do? Core Value determines the DNA of an organization.  It also helps us to get to where we want to go.  Once we discover or know our Core Values, we will understand who we are as a person.  If we are a Christian, we should know who we are in Christ Jesus.

It is so important to understand logic to the Core Values.  People must see logic in the Core Values that we offer today.  People outside seems to be more concerned with Core Values.  If you cannot think it, then know that you cannot do it.  You must be a clear thinker also the Core Values will determine how you treat people and it is biblical as well as relevant. In Core Values everyone is important, not just the pastor and his family.

However,  Core Values addresses, what should be considered most important to an individual life as well as the life of the church.  There are five elements that sum up Core Values and they are: values are constant, passionate, biblical, core beliefs and drive the ministry.

To be effective in any organization, Core Values must exist. It is time for all ministers to live what they minister to others.  Core Valves influences our goals, our decisions, our mission  and supports all that we do.  The truth is you cannot get away from Core Values.  It lives in us. Even when we hire people, we look for those with the same character, charisma and chemistry identical to ours. Without those values my friend, it is wise for you to forget about hiring the individual.

We must keep in mind that right Core Values will motivate people.  Values are core belief based on faith but not  always facts. Then what do I believe and will it cause people to connect?  We cannot correct what we have not projected and without Core Vaules we would decline to exist. It is a part of all that we do and we can take it even further and say, in Core Values, we architect our belief from what we value. In closing Habakkuk 2:2 tells us to ,write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it( NKJV).Annie Dennis Eskridge,author Sin Abides email:

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