Saturday, April 14, 2012

Understanding of the Cross

As people of God, we recently celebrated Jesus resurrection from the dead.  Beyond traditions and doctrinal of men, we must know that Jesus died for the entire world (the Christians and the non-Christians). We must know that our victory has already been paid  in full.  It does not matter what you are experiencing you still have 100% victory in your life.  It all depends on us.  Do we follow after holiness or not?
          God created all things but it is your choice as to whom you will serve. God created us to walk in victory. We have been designed to be winners. But, with this post modernism, modern teachings and varies philosophies, many have gotten off the straight and narrow path. Apostle Paul said in 1st Corinthians 2:2, “For I determined not to know anything among you, except Jesus Christ, and Him Crucified” (NKJV).
          We should be preaching the message of the Cross.  Only Jesus Christ and His finished work on the Cross will guarantee us completed victory in our life. There is no other source that can save, heal or deliver us from our self and those ungodly ways.  We can join all types of organizations, but it is all about Jesus Christ crucified death and burial.  Now, if those organizations that you belong too point you to Jesus, then remain in them.  But, I know that Jesus is the only way if you want to be victorious. 
          If you need victory in your life, then you need to study the Message of The Cross.  We are moving pass religion, theology and doctrine of men.  We need to anchor ourselves in Jesus Christ and what Jesus did on the Cross. It is not about you or me, it’s all about Jesus Christ and what He has already done for us on that Cross. Annie Dennis Eskridge, author of Sin

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