Sunday, October 21, 2012

Just a Word

 In all that we go though in  life, we are Christ's ambassadors. As we continue to live as ambassadors of Christ, let us persevere what God has commanded us to do. No matter what hardhips we may go through, we still need to be strong leaders who have overcame greater hardships that we have ever imagine. We can learn from them.

Lately, many Christians have forgotten about their Christianity and serving idol gods. They have wandered back under idol gods. Yet ,we know what happen to Israel  and we  are doing the same thing. How can you connect your spirit with an ungodly spirit? It is all because we can not find room in our heart to forgive. Yet, most of us have sin, because the Bible say, for we all have fallen short of God's glory. God forgave us,  yet we can not forgive.

Unforgiveness can turn into a serious disease that we will not be able to combat unless, we find forgiveness in our heart. Just a few weeks a young lady called me, because she was so confused. People were telling her to go against her belief, just because a person made a statement.  As a child of God we must love everyone and hate sin. I could ask one question and many would throw stones at me, but please think about it.

How many times have you told a lie? How many times before you truly got saved have you cheated , committed fornication, adultery and all the rest? See, you get my point. We all have be in areas where we should not have been, but we asked for forgiveness and God forgave us. Please think about it and be truthful to yourself because God already knows. Say a little pray and ask God to help you to forgive others as He does so many times. Then, ask the Lord who should I vote for, I am truly your Child and I want to be like Jesus and not what someone told me. Stay under the protection of the true and Living God and you will succeed. Annie Dennis Eskridge. Just a word for you to think about.

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