Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Prayer is communicating from the heart of a person to the ear of God. Throughout theOld Testament and New Testaments, we find God answering prayers of those who needed him. We are familiar with David, who prayed for forgiveness and resotration after being caught in sin, and God heard his prayer.  Then we had Elisha who prayed for this servant's eyes to be opened to see the army of the Lord and God made it so ,as found in 1 Kings 6:17).

Jesus gave us Scriptures to tell us how to prayer.  He declared that praying to impress others makes people hypocrites. He decribed the hypocrites as those who found conspicous places to stand and pray in the synagogue and even on the street corners. When we pray, we should not pray to show the public, how pious and spiritual we are.  Out motivation should be to glorify and seek God and God alone.

As we slowly approach the upcoming election, we need to pray for God's will be done in the elections in the United States and in the political proess of nations around the world(Psalm75:5-7). Then, we can speak to God for ourselves and ask Him, who should you vote for? Christians can not vote for anyone or anything. But, we must have a forgiving heart and ask the Lord to show you, who cares about my welfare?

Finally, we can not listen to liars because a liar will eventually destroy themselves. The truth will always stand when a lie will fall off the scene. Then, how many of us have said or done things that others had a problem with? Now, you get my point. Be blessed and enjoy the rest of your week.

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