Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sin Abides by Annie Dennis Eskridge

We need to know the aspects of sin. Can I live any way without problems? No, sin is like a decaying toothache. The pain is so unbearable until that tooth needs to be filled or pulled now!

Well, believe it or not, sin is th same way. With the toothache, it can be corrected, so sin can also be corrected. The same way, we go to the dentist to fix the problem. Guess what, God is waiting for you to get out of the dirt.

The eye opener (Sin Abides) give the meaning of sin, cause of sin and redeemed from sin. Sin is a reality even if we choose to ignore it. It is your life so consider reading, "Sin Abides." It will help you! Easy to read and it is not preachy. I just want the world to know what they are doing to their body.

Life can be sweet when we obey the law of the land as well as the law of Our Creator. We can't deny that Our Creator made us all. I admit He does not like sin, but He loves everyone. Whether we accept this thought or not. The main cause of sin is refusing to do what is right. This include our words, actions and deeds. We can no longer live any way and receive a bountiful blessings from Our Lord and Savior.

It goes even deeper than what we say but what is in our hearts. The seed has been planted in our heart. In most cases it has been years in developing. The areas where we are weak are subtle to ungodly behavior. Sin takes root at the core of the heart once it has been embedded in our heart, we can see devastating results.

Remember Jesus loves us but He hates sin. It separates us from the Almighty Father God who created us. He just did not die for one person but for the entire world. Sin Abides can be purchased from Lifeway Stores, Barnes and Nobles, and many other online websites. If you want an autograph copy contact the author at or write to Eskridge Group, P.O. Box 622, Harbor City, CA 90710. Please visit my website at

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