Saturday, August 13, 2011

    John R.W. Stott‘s Preacher’s Portrait is an eye opener. It’s a fresh and practical study of the terms employed in the New Testaments to describe the minister and the minister’s task. The author is an international respected pastor, teacher, and author, considers the character and role of the preacher as embodied in five key New Testament metaphors: the steward, the herald, the witness, the father, and the servant.
    The Christian preacher is to expound the revelation which has been given to him for all. He is to preach in the power of the Holy Spirit. He is a steward over God’s people. Pastor Stott goes into detail explaining what a preacher is not and what he is. Stewards are to be found trustworthy as stated in 1 Cor 4:1-2. It also says they are stewards of the mysteries of God. In the first chapter of the same epistle he sums up the activity of the Christian preachers in the phrase, we preach {keryssomen, we herald} Christ crucified and declares that it is through this heralded proclamation {kerygma) that God is pleased to save those who believe (1 Cor 1:21, 23).
            Thy heralds brought glad tidings   
            To greatest, as to least;
            They bade men rise, and hasten
            To share the great king’s feast.
    The third word used for the Christian preacher in the New Testament is the word witness. 

 If  you are wondering what the words witness and testify means. Then you need to read the
book.  Pastor Stott’s goes into details.  He explains all five keys in a chapter each.
    This book should be on the required reading list of every Bible school, college, and seminary. Believe me when I say it’s an eye opener.  Pastor Stott backs his claims up with Scriptures. 
    Lately, we have seen it all and heard it all.  This does not mean that it is right. It’s what God’s word says that should matter to the Christians. For many years Pastor Stott served as Rector of All Souls Church in London.   He has written numerous books include basic Christianity, Between Two Worlds, and Men with a message.  Annie Dennis Eskridge, author of Sin Abides.  Website:http://www. Email:   

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