Saturday, August 27, 2011

Praying For Your Children

Scripture revealss the Father's will for His children and provides guidelines to help parents pray for their sons and daughters.  Parents should pray:
    1.  That our children will be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth(1 Tim 2:3-4).
    2.  That Jesus Christ be formed in our children(Gal 4:19).
    3.  That our children- the seed of the righteous- will be delivered from the evil one (Prov 11:21, Matt 6:13).
    4.  That our children will be taught of the Lord and that their
   peace will be great( Isa 54:13).
    5.  That our children will train themselves to discern good from
   evil and have a good conscience toward God (Heb 5:14; 1 Peter 3:21).
    6.  That God's laws will be in their minds and on their hearts
    (Heb 8:10).
    7.  That our children will choose companions who are wise not fools nor sexually immoral, nor drunkards, no idolaters, nor slanderers, nor swindles (Prov 13:20; 1 Cor 5:110.
    8.  That our children will reamin sexually pure and keep themselves only for their spouse, asking God for grace to keep such a commitment(Eph 5:3,31-33).
    9.  That our children will honor us as parents(Eph 6:1-30.
    10.  That our children will prosper and enjoy physical health as they grow spiritually (3 John 2). There are many other Scriptures that could be added to this list, one which will change over time as God shows how to pray His Word. Ask God for specific promises to stand on during difficult situations.  We know this is a different generation but God's Word never change.  People do change but thanks be to God His Word never changes. Annie Dennis Eskridge, author of Sin Abides.....

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