Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Dictionary Of Christians- author unknown

1. Pillars- worship regularly, give time and money, use their talents.
2. Supporters- give time and money if they like the Pastor and the Treasurer.
3. Leaners- use the Church for funerals, baptism and marriages, but no time or money to support the Church.
4. Working Leaners- work but do not give money.
5. Specials- help and give occasionally for something that appeals to them.
6. Annual or Easter Birds- dress up, look serious and go to Church on Easter or some annual occasion.
7. Sponges- take all blessings and benefits, even the Lord's Suppoer, but give no mone to support the Church.
8. Tramps- go from Church to Church but support none.
9. Gossips- talk freely about everyone except Jesus.
10. Scrappers- take offense, criticize, an fight.
11. Orphan- children sent by parents who do not set them an example.
12. Backsliders- go back and walk no more with Jesus.(John 6:66)
13. Hypocrites- are leaners who say they are better than Church goers.

The Final result is, "if ye love me, keep my commandment."-John 14:15. Just wanted to share, so you can determine which group do you belong to? Annie Dennis Eskridge, author of Sin Abides, order online.

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