Sunday, November 14, 2010

Note for November 14 Sunday School Lesson

God knows who we really are. In Psalm 90 it makes it clear that God is fully aware of our sin. Those secret sins that others may not know about or sins that we rationalized are fully exposed before an all knowing God. Not only will our lives be shortened by sin, these sins brought unnecessary pain and sadness to ourselves and sometimes to those we care about. So, if you are reading this note and does not understand how sin operates. Then, you need to read...Sin Abides written by Annie Dennis Eskridge. You can order it from online as well as Barnes and Nobles,, lifeway stores and Swiss Valley Bookstore. Since God only begotten Son die for the entire world, I would not spend a day without Him. You can also check the book trailer out on you tube...Enjoy and be blessed. and you can sign the guestbook at:

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