Monday, January 3, 2011

A Thought for Christian Authors

Please remember as we write there are certain things we should keep in mind. If you are a Christian fiction writer,please make sure the book bring glory to God. Just last week I was trying to encourage a pastor to let his members read a certain book. His reply was, "I've read some of those books called Christian fiction and I have not seen any different in those and the others(non-Christians books)."

I was quiet for a moment, but I reread this particular book and I understood where he was coming from. Please let's not just write a book any kind of way and call it Christian fiction. We should make sure it line up with the Word of God. I know many write books really for the world because some of the material that they put in their books. Some things Christians should not do in a church. We can't just say anything in a book and call it a Christian book. Just wanted to share this from the heart. I always ask this question, what would JESUS DO? It's true we want to sale books, but what's the message that we are writing. Another Romance Writer also made the same comment several months ago. From hearing the Pastor voice his concern, it sounded identical to what the bestselling author shared.

You can put what you want in your book, but if it's junk don't call it Christian fiction. Just call it fiction or non-fiction. We need to take Jesus more serious than what we are doing. I'm going to screen the books that I read this year more careful and stop just buying any thing. Enjoy your blessings. If it's fiction written from a Christian perspective it should glorify God all the ways. Enjoy your blessings....Annie Dennis Eskridge, author of Sin Abides.

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