Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thought for the Day- Jealousy

R.T. Kendall's "Jealousy, the Sin No One Talkd About." Jealousy is something we all have to deal with. Rooted in fear and insecurities, it has damaged many relationships. It may be hard for us to recognize and even harder to overcome. The book deals with jealously that bedevils us in three ways(1)coping with jealousy in ourselves(2)coping with people who are jealous of us, and(3) coping with the fact that we make other jealous.

Then, Kendall takes us on a journey:(1)how jealous originated, (2) how God uses jealousy to prepare us and(3) how to overcome jealous. Finally, he address Godly jealous. This is a bull's eye!. He deals with it head on! We neglect to address this message at our peril. But, he does an outstanding job exposing both the cause and the cure. The author combines biblical depth with personal candor and delivers a stunning challenge to us all. A must read by the entire world, Christians and non-Christians should have a copy of this book. Remember, we must first identify the problem before we can deal with it. This is a big problem in the church today. Not just one church but it's in all churches across the board.

It can be purchased at your local Christian bookstore. This is an eye opener for mainstream society. R. T. Kenall is best-selling author of "TOTAL FORGIVENESS...Enjoy..Annie Dennis Eskridge, author of Sin Abides.

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  1. R.T.Kendall tells it like it is. He addresses the subject of jealousy in ways that I had never given it a thought too. He did a thorough research on this book. It's worth the read. It can help us all.