Friday, December 31, 2010

Confession-Renee Allen McCoy

Looking for an interesting book to read....then...Confession is it. The book has been written for the entire world. Renee Allen McCoy has penned another book. It's a page turner where you can see deceit and betrayal. It fits with the title..Confession...Jermaine Grant and Nia Thomas, Karen,Justine and most of the characters lives are complicated. Then, I asked the question, does anyone trust anyone?

In order to follow the plot you need to read...The Kiss of Judas. She does an excellent job following her plot. She follow it so closely until you might want to reread..The Kiss of Judas...This is why you need both inorder to understand the plot.

For all of the soap opera watchers, this series is better than any soap opera. The languge is very tasteful and even your teenager can read it. I don't want to spoil your suspense, so go to your local bookstore to order the book or Enjoy...Annie Dennis Eskridge, author of Sin Abides


  1. This was a very interesting book. It had a lot of drama and suspense. Most of the characters lives were complicated and this is why it's call Confession. It should be considered for a Tv series. The stuff on the Tv can take a rest.

  2. Amen, Annie! Thank you so much. Many have considered it fit for TV... next up, The Eleventh Hour. Part 3 really places things into perspective. I truly appreciate your support:-)